“We, as purchasers of high quality raw coffee (or green beans) want to try and unlock our coffees full potential of flavour and showcase the intrinsic qualities that are the result of high quality farming and processing. This is what drives our roasting approach.”

Elliot Gwynne - Director / Head Coffee Roaster

Bread & Butter Coffee is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD.

The Bread & Butter Coffee philosophy is simple, we get our hands on the best-tasting coffees we can source and roast them in a way that unlocks their potential.

Having learnt the skill of coffee roasting from an Australian Barista Champion, our head roaster and director Elliot Gwynne has worked with some of the top coffee consultants worldwide to develop his skills and knowledge as a coffee professional.

The expression

The Expression “Bread and Butter” stands for support, everyday sustenance, livelihood, cycle.

Our mission

Supply reliable, great-tasting coffee that you can consider a part of your everyday bread and butter.

Ethically Sourced

While putting specialty coffee in your hands, our choices are pointed towards environmental sustainability

Lasting Relationships

We believe a great product, ethically sourced through a smooth supply chain creates lasting customer relationships.